About Behind the Rolling Chair.

About us.


We, the ones who are CHALLENGED need to be heard and seen not just as a disability, but as a person who has and who will continue to bloom. Be seen not only as a handicap, but as well intact human being.

Behind the Rolling Chair started from a simple blog of a regular IT student who happens to have a disability. When I started to advocate for the people living with disability, I realized that why not use Behind the Rolling Chair in reaching out to help the neediest vulnerable children, especially those with disability and their communities through different projects.

In May of 2011, me and my friends drove to Kumasi, Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur and distributed school supplies to sixty (60) poor school kids. It drew a lot of attention that made the second visit even more successful, benefiting more than 200 kids from supports coming here and abroad. We’re able to give not only crayons, pencils and notebooks but also bags, shoes and lunch boxes. Beneficiaries were the Padre Pios Home for Children, victims of flash flood in Pongpong, Sta Maria Davao del Sur, and the students with disabilities in SPED Bangkal Davao city.

Since then, Behind the Rolling Chair became bigger and bigger. We already have our volunteer members and our adopted communities around the city and nearby provinces. Back to School Gift Giving Project was one of the success of the group where in we already had our 4th Installment. Another successful projects was the Children’s Day and the Give the Gift of Giving Project which happens every Christmas. ….