Is Cebu A Wheelchair-Friendly City?

Many of you knew that I am a strong advocate of ACCESSIBILITY. Before I visit a certain place, I always check if its access to wheelchair. What’s more, for some a spur of the moment business trips, I always make sure that I get to explore a tad bit of the city’s accessibility.

More often than not, I travel alone and I utilize wheelchair to circumvent the city. I have been to South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and a few Islands in the Philippines and I already highlighted every one of them in a video blog about their accessibility.

This time, I am including Cebu city’s very own, Bayfront Hotel Cebu. This is not my first time in this hotel and certainly not the last. I truly adore this 3 year old Hotel in the metro Cebu. Take a look at my video below featuring Bayfront Hotel Cebu.

Some accessibility accommodations are simple, some are complex, but all are important. Accessibility is not just about ramps, it is about giving thought to a wide range of disabilities and how you can change things inside your hotel to make people feel welcome not just the physical structure of your building, but the communication styles of the staff and the people.

And that’s what I like about Bayfront Hotel Cebu. They know how to deal with persons with disability. They take initiatives and solutions to the needs of a PWD.

Meeting Fellow Advocate

In the Philippines, I only knew few people who are on a similar advocacy. One strong supporter and practitioner is Ms Adela Kono, a fellow PWD. I personally met her in Cebu to ask some inputs about this advocacy. She is one of the commissioner on Anti-Discrimination ordinance in Cebu and the PWD representative on Regional Committee on Disability Affairs.


I went to her house and got really inspired of how accessible it is to us wheelchair users. Another accomplishment of Ms Adela and her team is to make Mactan airport a PWD friendly airport.

IMG_0802 2


I hope that Cebu will continue to improve its accessibility and not just Cebu but the entire country. Filipino PWDs will benefit and at the same time it will invite more tourists. Let’s make Philippines a barrier-free country.

And for more details about Bayfront Hotel Cebu, visit their website at

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    • Naprey Almario says

      Hello Greg, yes the airport is access for manual wheelchair. I myself is a user as well. From airport also going to the city, you have options whether to go on a access bus or uber or any cav.

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